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  • Be Seen as a Trusted Advisor to your best and most appreciated customers and clients
  • Make More Money per customer/client
  • Get More Referrals  
  • And More...
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Here is how it's Simple!
You provide the venue and the hospitality. Bring in a couple dozen clients and customers to a "Behind the Velvet Rope, VIP Client Appreciation" event. (i.e. The always magical tour of your operations, The meeting of the staff, and the special, "Top Secret" look into the future, etc.)

I deliver your message through my customized, 30-45 minutes of Highly Effective Business Building Strategies: based on my most recent book, 6 Simple Steps to A More Productive Company Culture by lunchtime, emphasizing the value of what you offer to the process of increasing productivity and profits.

Your clients walk away Delighted with their decision to buy from you. Knowing now that you truly are invested in their success, they see you as a trusted advisor. This "memorable" event will somehow find it's way into everyday conversations for years to come, leaving you and your organization looking like Champions.

Enter your name and best email address to receive all of the details of the BuildaBetterWorkforce Partner Program, including qualification requirements. I will also send you client retention "best practices" and strategies throughout the year. As a Special Bonus, I will send you my free report: The 3 Best Reasons for Becoming a Trusted Advisor and 1 Simple Step to Getting There!

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