Are You Looking to Raise Awareness for Your Non-Profit Organization?
With Michael J. Stone

I Love Yo u And The No-Cost, Non-Profit Program I lov e You

  • Create Loyal Advocates from the local business community
  • Increased Donations and Involvement from the local small business community
  • Increased Opportunity for long-term partnership with local businesses
  • And More...

Here is How it Works... It's Simple!

  • You provide the venue and the hospitality: Bring in a couple dozen supporters and potential donors to a "Behind the Velvet Rope, VIP Appreciation" event. (i.e. The always magical tour of your operations, The meeting of the staff, and the special, "Top Secret" look into the future, etc.)
  • I provide 30-45 minutes of Highly Effective Business Building Strategies:based on the 6 Simple Steps to Building a Better Workforce (with little or no money), emphasizing the value of Strategic Charitable Giving; (Step 6) to the process of Building a Better Workforce.
  • Your supporters walk away Delighted with their decision to support you. Knowing now that you truly are invested in their success, they see you as a true partner, working together towards mutual success. This "memorable" event will somehow find it's way into everyday conversations for years to come, leaving you and your organization looking like Champions.
Enter your best email address and organization name. I'll send you all of the details of the BuildaBetterWorkforce No-Cost, Program for Non-Profit organizations. Just for entering your email, I will also send you information on future, no-cost sponsorship opportunities. As a Very Special Bonus, I have convinced my friend and hero, Best Selling author of over 30 books, Steve Chandler, to share with you, sample chapters of his book on revolutionary fund raising, RelationShift.

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"The most dangerous myth of all is that you should take from the rich and give to the poor. The problem with that is, as long as you see yourself as a taker, you will be unable to expand your relationship with your donors, and becoming close to your donors is vital."
 ~ Steve Chandler

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