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About the Author:
I don't write to readers.
I write to small business owners and business professionals. My audience doesn't have time to read "real" books. They are too busy running their businesses, managing their relationships and trying to make a difference in the world.

I write to people who:

  • Want to start and finish a book in the same day. 
  • Simply want solutions.
  • Would rather do something to grow their business than read about it.
  • Take risks in order to create the life they want
  • Prefer to do things on their own terms and schedules.
  • Commit to business and personal success understanding they can have both.

I am not like most writers. I am not concerned with how many books I sell. In fact, if you would like a copy of any one of my books, but you're not sure you want to pay for it, contact me and I will send you one.*

When you've completed one of my books:
I don't want you thinking about what a great writer I am;
I want you thinking about the Great Business you are creating.
I don't want you thinking about how good the book was;
I want you to experience transformation through information and implementation.

My books are not literary genius. I know that. If you've read one, you know that too. They are not designed to be. They are designed to be effective.

They are: (In most cases.) ยท
  • Easy to read. One can expect to read most of them from cover-to-cover in less than a day.
  • Filled with Action Steps
  • Jam-packed with resources
  • Related to small business success
  • Designed to Produce Immediate Results
Success through the success of otherssm

Selling books, Leading Seminars, delivering Keynote speeches, adding new clients; none of these things contribute to my success. My success is only measured by the number of business owners that I can help Build a Better Workforce - to make more money by working less by creating the kind of work force people want to be a part of. The kind of workforce clients and customers rave about.

My business does not exist for my benefit. It exists to serve the people I am meant to serve. My success can only be measured by your success.

More than a 70% fail rate

 No one is supposed to hate their jobs. Yet, according to the 2012 Gallup Management Journal Survey on Engagement, less than 30% are actively engaged in the work they do. At best, that represents a 70% Fail Rate. Unfortunately, these numbers don't take turnover into consideration. If you experience high-turnover, you could be looking at close to a 90% Fail rate.

Can you afford these kinds of failure rates?

"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all." ~ Peter Drucker
"Except trying to become efficient at something you shouldn't be doing at all." ~ Michael J. Stone

A Brighter Future

It is my vision to create a mini-culture of small business  UTOPIA. A place where your vision is joyfully fulfilled through service to those you are meant to serve.

  • Unwavering Loyalty from your employees and clients.
  • Top performing employees that understand and share your vision
  • Opportunistic Leadership identifying the unmet needs of your best clients
  • Peak Productivity culture that recognizes true happiness comes from meaningful results
  • Inspirational Story telling that brings memorable experiences and meaning to your work.
  • Authentic fulfillment of your personal connection to the work you do and the people you are meant to serve.

 *One book per person, address or company. Does not include Home Study Guides. Shipping and Handling fees may apply.

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