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Relentlessly Focused - Understanding What's Worth Fighting For.

Posted on 3/18/2013 by Michael Stone
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The most successful people and organizations are relentlessly focused. They can be because they have identified things worth fighting for. More importantly, they know which battles aren't theirs to fight.

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When you know the difference between the two your levels of success, focus, productivity, and fulfillment
dramatically improve .

Unfortunately, far too many of us pay too close attention to the things we don't like or want to really understand what it is we are willing to fight for. Oh sure, we can complain about all of the injustice in the world and in our lives, but rarely are we willing to go to battle for something we value.

Have you ever really thought about what you would fight for? Here's a test - you have five seconds to finish this sentence:
My name is __________ and this is what I stand for___________.

How did you do?

Very few people can answer that question on the spot. So why is this important?

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It is important because when you identify the things you are willing to fight for, you unblock your path to greatness. This is especially true of the Small Business owner.  When you build your company based on values that you would fight to defend, you attract all of the right resources to make that happen. The right candidates apply for open positions. The right strategic partners arrive to help broaden your reach and strengthen the relationships you already have.

So what now?

In honor of March Madness, I have put together a Core Values Bracket exercise that will lead you to the things you value most. This exercise will immediately impact your ability to pick your battles and passionately fight for the ones worth fighting for.

More importantly, it will remind you of the arguments to stay out of. Your pride is never at stake when you choose not to defend something you have previously decided isn't worth defending.

You can access it here with no optin required. 

It's my gift to those of you willing to invest a little time on a bracket that can make you a Champion, rather than cheering on some college kids competing for something nobody will care about in a month.


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